ISU dining center Seasons adds variety

By Karuna Ang,

Ever wonder how the recipes get created for the food courts and cafes? Many of them are the creations of our chefs, and some are submitted by students.

“I have a couple of students who are from the southern states like Georgia, all they want is sweet potatoes and fried chicken,” said Bethany Landon, Seasons marketplace manager. “Their mother had a special sweet potato recipe, they brought in the recipe and we had our chef play with it.”

Landon said the recipe will be on the menu this coming fall because it received really good reactions. Recipes submitted will be reviewed by nutritionists.

“Some of that stuff also has to deal with nutritional value,” Landon explains. “Some of that has a ton of salt, a ton of fat in it.”

There was a competition for students to submit their recipes; however, many of the managers that judge the competition didn’t have time for that this year.

“Students had to submit a standardized form of recipe by a certain date,” Landon explained of the competition’s process. “A panel of judges which ended up being our culinary team throughout ISU Dining as well as our nutritionist went through and chose a number of recipes.”

Portions of these dishes are created and then they had them sampled, critiqued and judged.

“It was a way to see what people liked,” she said.

Food science and human nutrition interns are creating recipes for ISU Dining as part of their course, Landon said.

Other students working at dining locations noticed what they are doing and Landon encourages them to submit recipes as well.

“Some recipes from FS HN 104 class will actually be implemented in the menu coming fall,” Landon said. “We have one that is garlic orange chicken.”

FS HN 104 is an introductory culinary class offered at Iowa State.

Sous chef Torin Munro at Seasons received high praises from Landon.

“My chef is extremely talented,” Landon said. “He worked with our executive chef Everett Phillips to combine a lot of flavors and figure out what we can do to make it more of a fresh concept on this side of campus.”

The spicy sweet potatoes and the roasted cauliflower are both recipes submitted by students.

Landon likes to try new foods and she always welcomes new recipes from students.

“If students have some recipes that they love from home and they want to see it, give them to the manager at food operations,” she said.

Landon has also taken a liking to ethnic food.

“The Yakitori Skewers Chicken during International Food Fair is amazing,” she said.

“I tried to implement them into our menu, but it is so labor intensive. Sadly, I can’t make 2,000 portions of it for one meal.”

Some of the challenges they usually face is trying to prepare the food in smaller batches and making them not so labor intensive.

To show a variety of flavors, the department is always working on new recipes.

“Chef Torin is working on some Thai recipes right now,” Landon said.

She hopes to bring more choices for students to experience without having to travel far for them.

A new addition to Seasons next fall is a fresh fruit smoothie bar.

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