Malaysian Muslim community gathers to celebrate Eid ul-Fitr

Siti Sabtu-Schaper, ISU administrative specialist, greets Siti Noridah Ali, graduate in curriculum and instruction, during the Eid ul-Fitr celebration Saturday, Sept. 11 at SUV Community Center.

By Karuna Ang,

The month of Ramadhan ended Thursday, Sept. 9, and it marks the beginning for Eid ul-Fitr, which goes on for three days. Two days later, the Malaysian Muslim community gathered at the SUV Community Center to celebrate Eid ul-Fitr. People from Iowa City, Des Moines, Polk City and other different parts came to Ames for the celebration.

Nurhidayah Azmy dressed her daughter, Nur Fatimah Ahmad, in new clothes and new shoes Saturday morning. The Malaysian Muslims wore the traditional Malay outfits for the celebration. The traditional Malay outfits are usually colorful and have a lot of details in it. They are also usually worn during religious occasions.

Usually before meals, events or celebrations begin, it is a traditional thing for them to pray. Known as “doa” in Malay, they ask for blessings from God. All sorts of traditional Malay food like rendang ayam — a spiced dish using blue ginger, ginger, garlic, cili and lemon grass — were served. A lot of Malaysians enjoyed the taste of authentic Malaysian food.

It was also a time for people to catch up with each other. When they see each other, they greet each other with a hug or a light handshake.

Traditionally, men and women do not shake hands with each other. A Malay man greets another man with a light handshake using their right hand that’s more like a light clasp. They will then bring their hands toward the heart, meaning “I greet you from my heart.”

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