The Things about Haruki Murakami, Part II

Yes, I have a thing for Haruki Murakami. His books are my paradise when I don’t have a beach next to my house and Long Islands to sip on.

I finished reading Hard-Boiled Wonderland and The End of the World two weeks ago. I bought 1Q84 the moment I woke up on Tuesday, the day it was released. Sad to say, Work, this terrible flu, and babysitting has kept me occupied. And not being able to stay up later than 10p.m. is kind of a bummer.

Two worlds, that ultimately come together in the end, has been kind of the theme that I see in Murakami’s books. Sometimes, it’s less obvious, like in Kafka on the Shore. There’s the world of the crow, and the ‘real’ world.

When I read his books, there are things that I can relate too. The incoherent mental voices and my life. I feel like I have two worlds – a world that I want to be in, and the world that I’m in. And then I hope the endings are like his books, where both of them merge into one, or are actually one.

And now, to continue working on a Sunday night. Monday Blues is already on me. I need some chocolate, cheesecake and hummus to cure it.

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