The Things about Murakami, Part III

I finished 1Q84 two weeks ago. I wanted to write something about the book, but holiday season was around the corner, so I took some time off, not wanting to think about books. Boy, it’s hard. Instead of writing what I think about 1Q84, I dove right into “Kafka on the Shore”. I’m nearing the end of this book at the moment.

1Q84’s ending was kind of unexpected of Murakami. Like I said, Murakami writes the book in the view of two different people (or sometimes world), and it will all come together somehow. Unlike his other books that leave you hanging with an uncertain ending, 1Q84 has a happy ending that makes you feel really relieved, but at the same time, it reminded me of many other novels that I’ve read. You know it’s the ending, and you’re happy with it, but then you cannot help but wonder what’s next. It almost makes it kind of normal, not his usual style.

I’ve come to see some similarities in his style of writing with Russian writers. Of course, everyone knows that Murakami is greatly influenced by Russian literature and classical music. But I’ve never been able to finish any classic Russian literature, I always get stuck. They tend to go into minute details and pages long. Murakami does the same thing, even though it’s detailed, but it’s short at the same time. He’s a master of bringing you in and knowing where to stop so it doesn’t drag on.

I’ve read 1Q84 during different times of the day. Sometimes at night, I turn off the light in my room, and pull out my Kindle light. I start reading, and not too long after, I have to turn back on the lights in my room. I feel the chill, the darkness, the emptiness in his books. He brings out the fear in me with this words. Truly brilliant.

Like every other Murakami’s books, I’ll be rereading 1Q84 sometime in the near future, I’m sure.

Let’s talk about “Kafka on the Shore”, shall we?

I’ve read this book five years ago, when I didn’t fully understand the meaning of life. Not that I do now, but I feel like I can relate to this book better now.

There are certain things that make me feel almost ‘normal’ when I read his book. Normal, not in the sense of being like everyone else, but in the sense of realizing someone is feeling the same feelings that I do or did.

Love is one of the subjects touched, I do not think that it’s the main themes of the book. Like in reality, it’s a part of life, and shows how much Kafka grows and ponders the questions that I did for months.

Crow exists in me as well, though I wouldn’t call my subconscious Crow. But everyone has that rational voice, sometimes it can be depressing, sometimes it can be optimistic, and sometimes it just likes to contradict with you. I envy Kafka. Crow seems to be a guidance. If only my subconscious knows what to do with my life.

And like 1Q84, I had to turn my lights on to read this book. The darkness in the forests scare me. I hear sounds too, but Murakami’s words bring them to life in my crazy mind.

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