Book Review – Anathem by Neal Stephenson

It’s very rare for me to like a science fiction book. 

It is a very long book. It took me two weeks of 2-hour reading sessions every other day. 

The book starts in a world where intellectual people are “collected” to live in monastic communities. The story evolves around a young fraa named Erasmas. Throughout the book, there’s a good amount of discussion on quantum mechanic theories, and philosophical debates.

If you like to exercise your brain cells, this book will make sure you get a good amount of it just by trying to keep up with the events.

I like the book with the physics, the adventure, the mix of appreciation for traditions and creation of new technology. There was a tad bit of confusion when I came across words like ‘saunt’, ‘voco’, and ‘extramuros’. The glossary at the back of the book does come in handy. 

My next book will be Neal Stephenson’s breakthrough – Snow Crash.  

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