The past 365 days and more

I met a lady awhile ago. She told me, ‘if you like writing, then blogging won’t be a task!’

Memories of my high school English class stand out when I think of writing. I was a sad soul back then, writing a lot of sappy stories, but I wrote everyday, churning out story ideas on a whim.

And then, I had to decide what I wanted to do in life. Photographer? Writer? Architect? Interior designer? Industrial designer? There are many things that I want to be, still want to be. But life is as complicated as it is. We believe we have the power to yank it anyway we want, but really, do we?

I still work on telling stories visually, albeit on a slow pace. Things are not easy now that I came back to Malaysia. I have learned a lot about myself and who I have become. There are many things that I still wonder about, but I just need to fully embrace the fact that I need to be patient with life.

And with this blog, I just need to be a little patient as well.

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