As cliché as it sounds, I, like many others out there, am searching for my reason to live.


One can say there are so many views to see in this world, so many stories to listen to, so many food to taste, personal records to reach.

But really, in the end we bring none of these to the graves with us.

I used to be ambitious and crazy about success. But I have lost my definition of success. I have seen young adults like me at my age and at their peak. One particular friend tells me he doesn’t know what to do next. A comfy high paying job at an international oil & gas company has left him feeling drained.

I have long came to the conclusion that wealth and monetary gains do not mean much to me in achieving happiness. But I also understand that life needs to go on and we need to play with the rules of society.

Finding that balance is key. And to do that, I need to find some ways to balance my principles with the reality of life.

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