Goodbye KenTing, 再見 墾丁

I woke up to strong winds and good weather yesterday morning. We only had one day of rain in the past 14 days. From blazing hot afternoons to chilling mornings, I savored every moment of it.


I spent my days talking to locals, watching TV, exploring the town, riding around surrounding areas, bathing in the warm sun, absorbing the various smell of delicious food all around town late at night, and feeling the cool breeze on my face early in the morning.


Life moves on a slow pace here. The days start early and end early. Around 4pm, there’s still enough time to stop by the beach and catch a little bit of sun ray.

The life of our receptionist at the backpacker’s hostel is simple. Everyday she guides tourists from all over the world to places that they should see. Everyday she greets and sends off people with a smile. She plans everything that guests would need, food, bus routes, places to find good food, etc.

She has this quiet demeanor, so calm and peaceful and always helpful.

When I asked her about her life, she simply told me, “This is it. I’m comfortable here and I have found my rhythm. There’s no need for me to seek change.”

“It took me a couple of tries to find what I wanted. And every time I changed jobs, I made sure it was something totally different from what I have done but still something I’m passionate about. That’s how I came to realize what I am capable of, and what I like.”


I got drawn into this constant dreamy state. I watched how the time and clouds flew by. I spent afternoons staring at the mountains behind and the open sea in front of us in awe of this island’s beauty.


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