Malaysia Flood timeline – various news sources

I made another version of this timeline earlier this week. In this particular timeline, I have started putting in other news sources starting on Dec 27, 2014. Any comments are welcomed.

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Twenty five


On my last day being a 24-year-old, I felt relieved.

I wish I could tell my past-self not to fret on the little details.

I thought about all the relationships in my life – family, friends, partners, colleagues, acquaintances, strangers.

I thought about all those time I spent doubting myself; all those time I didn’t try because I didn’t even think trying was worth it; ask those time I cried myself to sleep because I was tired; and the time I finally accepted things the way they are.

One step at a time. There’s still plenty to learn about life.

Night markets


Night market started in Taiwan due to scarce commodities and poor roads in the agricultural societies. People tend to travel around and sell their goods rather than staying in the same place.
Night markets really grew in the during the late 70s they were well received due to the oil crisis. People scavenged night markets for cheap goods.

I often wander around mindlessly in these places whenever I can. The excitement of finding something good while not expecting it definitely grew on me.

Growing old.

A lot of my thoughts these days are circled around age and growing old.


It is rather surprising how much my thoughts have changed in a span of five years.

When I was younger, I thought of nothing but success. My mind and body were driven by ambitions coupled with a few daydreams here and there.

If you sat down and asked me questions about my parents, I probably won’t have much to say. Simply because I have taken them for granted.

I think a lot of us have. Maybe we didn’t use to, but at some point, we all change.

I have a vivid memory of my eldest brother sitting in the living room with me when I was 16/17. It was probably late at night because at that age I have the tendency to stay up all night living in the fantasy world created by JK Rowling, rereading the books again and again.

More than once, while my eldest brother came back during the weekends from college, he would sit with me and talk about our parents. Most of the time, I appeared uninterested and annoyed. I just wanted to read my books. But what he said stayed with me. He told me to be grateful of my parents. Despite arguments and attempted runaways from me, they have been through a lot to put us through school and support us financially for any endeavors we wish to take on.

But none of us can go against time and old age. We all grow old one day, and whether it’s going to be graceful or heart-breaking, we never know. I just hope it’s not going to be like the nightmares I used to have as a kid.

I used to cry myself to sleep knowing my parents will one day no longer be around when I was 7/8. I think that was when I began to understand life and death.


那天在上阿里山的早晨 一开始就被在巴士站的阿桑拉着说的士也能乘上山而且一样价钱不用和别人挤。这个个人意见就是看你自己咯,如果能摆脱阿桑那就乘公车吧。我们被阿桑说了好久好久 而且阿桑口气有点凶,到最后就随便上了他的车 (现在听起来很危险的感觉 其实也没有啦。)

后来有两位老人家也和我们一起上阿里山。一路上两位老人家有说有笑 谈着天南地北的事情 让我想起自己和哥哥们的关系。




小时候和哥哥们成长的记忆就是一起捣蛋的画面。上了小学中学后 和哥哥们的回忆也没那么多了。长大后更别说了。我们各自到了不同的国家深造和生活。





無意間一個人來看展, 用自己的節奏欣賞一些平時看不到的人文事物.

穿梭在人群中, 想起以前看過的YouTube Video ~ How to be alone by Tanya Davis.

以前一個人待在華盛頓時, 我離開了熟悉的生活圈子和愛人, 為自己的事業打拼. 來到陌生的地方要自己一個人生活就覺得像在Game裡一樣, 開一個新的Save slot, 新的adventure.

這一次的旅程快要結束了, 有很多的不捨, 也給了我機會好好沉思, 為接下去的日子努力.

(這是匆匆忙忙update的, 剛剛抵達充滿亂跑的小孩的台北動物園。)




我自認很愛旅行。可萬萬沒想到在經歷第48天流浪的日子,在海拔2216米的阿里山 我默默的看著四周的旅客和自己,覺得我們很可笑。


深呼吸。在那一刻 我開始警覺 擔心 我是否會開始以這樣的態度來看待接下去的每一段旅程和未來的生活。