Winter Classics!

People were told to wait outside the Maintenance Shop on Friday night. The Maintenance Shop, known for its lively music scene, reached its maximum capacity for the night. Ames local bands like Peace, Love and Stuff, Mumford’s, Trouble Lights and Nuclear Rodeo brought together music lovers.

Local artists show off their talents with self-composed songs and a few covers. The concert not only attracted college students, but also the young high school students and the old. Ames local music scene has grown. Local artists support each other. More local bands and performers are introduced at this concert. The night also included a short performance by Phoenix L’Amour, a burlesque dancer.

The spirit of Ames music is stronger than ever!

Martin Luther King Day

Ames Middle School held a celebration for Martin Luther King Day. David Harris, senior associate at Iowa State University’s Athletic Department talks about what the day means to him. People of all ages and races gather to remember the man widely known for his leadership during the Civil Rights Movement.

ISU Cyclones vs Baylor Bears

Cy greets fans before the game against Baylor on Saturday, Jan. 7, at Hilton Coliseum.
Coach Bill Fennelly signals to his team during the game against the Baylor, Saturday, Jan. 7, at Hilton Coliseum.
Baylor guard Odyssey Sims manages to snatch the ball from Cyclone guard Nikki Moody on Saturday, Jan. 7, at Hilton Coliseum.
Cyclone forward Chelsea Poppens reaches out for the ball before Baylor's Brittney Griner could grab it on Saturday, Jan. 7, at Hilton Coliseum. Poppens grabbed eight rebounds, coming to a total of 621 for her career.
Cyclone guard Chassidy Cole passes the ball to her teammate during the game against Baylor on Saturday, Jan. 7, at Hilton Coliseum. The top-ranked Bears won the game 57-45.
Cyclone guard Chassidy Cole gets blocked by her opponent while chasing after the ball during the game against Baylor, Saturday, Jan. 7, at Hilton Coliseum.

Winter is coming

While I was working for the Iowa State Daily, I remembered that on big snow days, I would be out shooting feature photos.  I always underestimate the cold in Iowa. Two layers of gloves, a coat, a sweater, a hoodie and a beanie are not enough to keep me warm. Although I’m not a big fan of the short days and long nights, I’m looking forward to shooting in the cold again. Maybe this time I’ll be smarter. 🙂