A weekend of rallies and protests

My Friday started with some exciting news. The Koch brothers are in town for the annual Americans For Prosperity conference. After working closely with activists and environmentalists, I’ve seen the dark side of the foundation. Aljazeera recently made a video of the Koch brothers. Activists and people from Occupy DC took onto the streets and projected a very catchy video. The song was definitely stuck in my head for the rest of the week.

One thing that I’ve learned about the people that attended this rallies – they’re very passionate. Also, I caught this rare moment, it made my day –

The group starting running towards the convention center’s entrance. They were chanting, I was afraid for a moment, that something bad might happened. I started to walk away to get a bigger picture of what was going on, and I saw all the people walking past me, moving, then BAM! I saw them.

Saturday, I went to a Mermaid Parade and they wanted to raise awareness about the unsustainable practices used by Chicken of the Sea.

Definitely got a lot of attention on a fine Saturday afternoon. At times, this put me into an uncomfortable situation. I’m used to being invisible, or not attracting attention when out shooting. But I managed to shrug it off and finish what I set out to do. It’s always interesting to see how these things are organized. I’ve had a better sense of what goes into all these little stunts.

Sunday was a big day. Around 10,000 people gathered around the White House to send a message to President Obama regarding the Keystone Pipeline. And again, a lot of chanting and singing. The organizing party really put a lot of effort into making this event successful. At this kind of events, there are times when the crowd would get riled up and start off another agenda. But the message was clear in this.

I joined in with the singers and sang songs. I stood on a bench and took pictures. I walked around and met some of my friends. Now I believe it when people tell me that DC is a really small place.

Last but not least, I really do like moments like this, when I found something out of the ordinary that happened during rallies.

Updates on Flickr!

I just updated my Flickr page with photos from today’s Tar Sands rally.

I really do enjoy rallies that involve a huge amount of singing, chanting slogans and friendly people. I also like that students and people my age are out, trying to change the world.

One of the best slogans that I heard today is “There is nothing like the power of the people, because the power of the people don’t stop.”

I felt very overwhelmed when I heard this, because thoughts about Malaysia came flooding into my head. The rally that happened in Malaysia early July came into my mind. The power of the people. We had thousands of people on the streets crying for change, and that is the power of the people.

But is the government listening to our cries or to their own greed?